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Join the "Escrip" Program to Benefit BZS!

By signing up with the "Escrip" program, Birzeit Society can benefit by receiving a rebate on all purchases made at all "Escrip" program participating merchants nation wide. It is easy to sign up; there is no cost to you and it is hassle free when you shop. Just follow the simple steps below to sign up and whenever you shop by using your registered credit card, ATM card or debit card, Birzeit Society will receive a rebate based on a percentage of purchases made. Some participating merchants, like Safeway, they require customers to have the store club card at the time of purchase in order to receive a rebate, all club cards can be obtained free at the participating store.

For participating merchants near you just click on and follow the few simple steps to view the merchant's list. To sign up just follow the following steps;

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on "Sign Up".
  3. Click on "Group Name".
  4. Enter Birzeit Society's name in the box.
  5. Click "Search".
  6. Click on "Birzeit Society".
  7. Click on "Next"
  8. Follow the next six steps.
  9. When you are done you will be asked to review your entries, if every thing looks fine to you then click on "Confirm"

Birzeit Society appreciates your participation in this vital program and would like to urge you to encourage every one around you to sign up. All funds received from this program will go towards supporting our charitable programs.



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