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Birzeit Society mission is to perpetuate the strong ties among the people of Birzeit, their communities around the world and with their home town, Birzeit. It represents the collective interest of Birzeitis in the Diaspora, and promotes and safeguards the collective betterment of the Birzeiti communities around the world and the future of Birzeit. It achieves this mission by striving to:

  • Establish social, cultural and educational programs to link Birzeitis with their roots through the activities of the local chapters, and periodical national conventions
  • Sponsor youth programs to perpetuate the linkage among the younger generation
  • Provide a support mechanism emphasizing the extended family principles, and adding this life dimension to every Birzeiti living outside Birzeit
  • Publish a Newsletter and other printed matter to provide a vehicle for staying in touch, and a forum to participate in the resolution of common issues and shared challenges
  • Participate in the definition of Birzeit Vision and the shaping of Birzeit future
  • Offer financial support to Birzeitis in need, inside and outside Birzeit
  • Offer funding to planned projects to promote educational excellence, availability of medical services to all individuals, economic development, social and cultural services, and sports and health consciousness
  • Offer educational scholarships to promote higher education and provide incentives for the children of Birzeit to pursue their education without interruption
  • Sponsor various programs to slow the exhaustive migration of Birzeitis and preserve the cultural identity of Birzeit
  • Plan, develop and operate economic enterprises in Birzeit and elsewhere to create jobs and better the lives of Birzeitis and the people of the surrounding region
  • Generate funds through contributions, fund raising activities, and prudent investments to finance the above goals
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